Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If I'd have know you were coming, I'd have baked you 44 cupcakes

I like to bake, especially when I'm stressed out and need distracting. When I work at home my growing mass of recipes are as good a distraction as any. Tonight I left the studio early and, yes, I got distracted to a ridiculous degree when I entered my apartment. I've made 20 gluten-free chocolate cupcakes, 24 cherry-chocolate cupcakes and I have yet to make the almond-flavored cream cheese frosting to put on top. This is why I don't work at home; the potential of gaining approximately fifty gazillion fat rolls in one week is not worth the risk. Guess I'll be taking a plethora of lovely cupcakes to the studio tomorrow. Happy days for all.


Christa said...

This makes me even MORE excited to live with you come January! ;)

kwistin said...

Wow. That is a lovely habit to have. Good thing we're friends. ;)