Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Winter Craziness

Here are a few illustrations from this past winter semester, both new and reworked. I feel like the semester was overall fairly successful, especially since I have started experimenting with a look and process that I'm excited about. The piece for A Little Princess is another experiment done in basically the same process as the piece from the last post. It's mixed media again, with acrylic, ink, gesso and charcoal. There's something about mixing media that makes me happy inside. I almost feel as if I'm reconnecting with my childhood when I would mix fingerpaints, playdough and crayons together to create something awesome.


Book cover for A Little Princess

yoga magazine article

magazine article


Aaron Ludwig said...

Love it.

caitlin connolly said...

way cool leslie!!! did you get commissioned to do these? Way to go!

Hannah said...

I LOVE the Rapunzel one so much!

Ty Carter said...

These are wonderful Leslie! I especially like the composition of the Rapunzel piece!!