Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Winter Stuff

Here are a few illustrations from last semester. It was the season of acrylic paints, so they're all done mainly in acrylic. To switch things up a bit I used a little india ink in a couple of them as well.

Conceptual assignment: take a symbol and depict it unstereotypically (is that a even a word?). I chose a timeless symbol: the door.

Meet Alice. She's in a place called Wonderland.

This was an article titled "Rape victim sentenced to 200 lashes."

We had to do a portrait of a famous person. Guess who it is. (Hint: he's a pretty famous artist and you might even think that a four year old could do what he did, but you would be wrong of course)

This was an article on Putin and how corrupt he is. The illustration isn't quite finished....but he will be soon. I've decided to completely "finish" him this summer and possibly put him in my portfolio, corruption and all.


Tori Harris said...

I saw all of these in the making! HAHA! I love them all! And I love exclamation points!

Schlange A. Taube said...

You also watch general conference tori...

I think my favorite one is probably Putin. I don't know why, but I love that one. I also wish that instead of the american flag you'd have painted the door as something that makes me think of picking a major...