Thursday, February 14, 2008

i heart art

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I am finally posting some more art on this thing. Most of these paintings were done in my head painting class last semester. It was a fantastic class! We painted heads with oil on canvas (not on bald men's heads, much to my disappointment). Every month we had 12 out-of-class paintings to do and every class we painted from live models. The theory was that if you painted a bizillion heads you might learn how to paint them. My first head paintings were possibly the UGLIEST things I've ever done (no offense to the models). Fortunately for my future artistic career I improved dramatically, but I still have quite a ways to go. That's one thing I love about art. As you work hard you'll feel yourself improve and gain confidence, but it's a constant process. There's always more room for developing your style, learning new techniques and "perfecting" what you do (if there is such a thing as perfection that is).

This is my little sister. I used super cool colors on her.

On this one I tried to use really bright colors instead of toning them down.

In this one I focused on the blocks of color other than his features.

This one was really fun to do. She had red and green lights on her instead of just white light.


Autumn said...

Your art is beautiful!

Audrey Gayle said...

Leslie!!! You found me and I'm so happy you did cuz I was thinking about you this week and just found your comment. I remember these amazing paintings! how's it been? ever coming to cali?