Monday, September 10, 2012

Images of My Summer

I chopped my hair off and dyed it red. The initial dye was a little on the orange side but has since calmed down a bit. I drew this soon after the great hair adventure, without even thinking. Apparently my subconscious thought it was a bit orange as well.

I attended a month-long classical painting workshop with William Whitaker in Brugges, Belgium. While there I ate much chocolate, waffles and frites. It was lovely. I'll post more about my stay there very soon...

We moved. In the process I found a few old images I'd totally forgotten about. Most of them aren't worth showing, but I was rather pleasantly surprised to find this one. I remember disliking it before, but looking at it again there are some things that I rather like about it.

1 comment:

Gretta Whalen said...

When I'm rich, I'mma make you paint things for my big, big house. Which I'll have when I'm rich.

I bet you look amazing with short, red hair.