Friday, July 29, 2011

the birds

Once I was sitting on a beach in Seattle, when all of a sudden a flock of seagulls flew over my head and, while my head was turned, a seagull dropped a bomb right on my ankle...which also splattered on my pants and purse.


I still like birds though. This piece proves it! It's a gift for my sister and still a work in progress but should be done soon.


Kelly said... are amazing! I love looking at your work! :D

Jason L Secrest said...

You make a good point with your ankle story. How long until this woman needs to change her shirt? Or is that what the hair pearls are for? To hide the aftermath? Smart woman.

kwistin said...

Ah, I love this! I love the composition (I think I have a crush on really tall portrait formats), colors and your discretionary use of outlines. Well done, Ms. Duke! :) I'm excited to see the finished produce.

missysue said...

Love your work!

love + luck + bliss,