Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Painting party at my house

I have been procrastinating today for quite some time. This is mostly because, well, I simply haven't wanted to do the things that were on today's to-do list. What was today you ask? The answer is STUDIO HOUSEWORK DAY! Hooray...? This means that I:

1. Budgeted the studio monies. 
This is by far the worst thing about studio housework day. It simply takes much longer than it should to budget and plan monetary stuff when your right-brain has engulfed most of your already rather feeble left-brain.

2. Designed promotional mailers. 
Honestly I rather like doing this, it just takes time away from what I love most, which is painting/drawing. But thanks to self-discipline, you'll be seeing them soon Mr. Postman (or Ms. Postlady)

3. Worked on the new design for my currently rather simple, but functional, website
This also isn't really a terrible task; in fact it's rather satisfying to take something that already works and make it even better. I'm just so much more partial to working with my hands than a screen that the thought of designing for an extended period of time makes me feel a bit anxious.

4. Went to the gym.....
Wait; that's not technically studio housework...but let me just say that running 3 miles was very much necessary for the preservation of my already rather fragile sanity, especially after crunching numbers and sitting in front of a computer all day.

Today's outcome: Success, most definitely. 

My reward: a yummy apple fritter from my favorite local bakery + a "paint whatever I want" party. Happy studio housework day, Leslie. (It wasn't so bad.)

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