Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another one bites the dust (almost)

I've been doing a lot of drawing this week in my little Moleskine sketchbook. So much in fact that I only have two pages left. TWO PAGES PEOPLE.

Sketchbooks are interesting creatures. Their pages hold very specific memories for me, to the point where I feel more like I'm keeping a "visual journal" than a mere sketchbook. Each one is filled with notes, thoughts, places I've been, people I know, emotions I felt and situations I laughed at. They also mark artistic turning points and the birth of new ideas, as well as the death of bad ideas. So when the time comes to fill those last pages it's rather bittersweet, and I actually find myself delaying filling them just so I can carry that specific sketchbook around with me for just a bit longer. 

What a strange, nerdy person I am. This is what happens when you draw all day long all by yourself. Your drawings really do become your friends.


tappens said...

amazing! and that was our apartment motto (you can sleep when you're dead)! love you artsy nerdy lessy poo.

Leslie said...

yes it was! still remains my motto today :)