Monday, September 27, 2010

images from the not-so-far-distant-past

It's been a while...I promise the drawing didn't stop, just the posting. Here's a smattering of drawings since my last post, with many more to come at a non-disclosed date:

Brad & I saw MGMT. The whole crowd near us
mainly consisted of baby-stoners....

....and super baby-skanks.

Went to Zions. There were a lot of Amish-looking
people wandering around the day we hiked the Narrows.

Sometimes it's easier to stay in your bathrobe.

Cramming everything from one room onto one page.

Gandalf's doppleganger speaking words of wisdom.

There is a soft spot in my heart for bald men.


tappens said...

loving leslie updates. phonecall needed soon. missing leslie's family at conference. leslie should be rubbing my ankle.


Megan D. said...

i googled you and i'm so happy you popped up! i'm excited to see more of your fabulous art - keep it coming. :) thanks again for organizing the fun date!
megan (as in megan and thomas, brandon's friends)

Leslie Duke said...

Megan, Thanks for googling me :) I'm glad we got to hang out! We should all see each other more often.