Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It's terribly late. Am I sleepy? Yes! Can I sleep? No. Instead I am drawing and blogging.

Lately, ideas seem to be pouring into my head faster than I can scribble them in my sketchbook, which has been fantastic! Too bad I've been so busy that often the idea slips away because I couldn't get to my sketchbook fast enough.

Today a lot of ideas were flooding my mind, which sometimes made it difficult to communicate coherently with the people around me. Ridiculous? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. Normal? Yes.

Storms of creativity tend to put me in what my brother and I call "art moods," which is the technical term for embracing anti-social or introverted tendencies. Art moods make a person more quiet, calm, distracted, forgetful and - unfortunately - awkward. Talking becomes a bit more difficult during these periods, and often one will find their mind going blank and coherent conversation being rather difficult, even painful (for both parties involved). These moods cause one to embrace their medium and create like crazy. I can feel one of these moods coming on. Hmmmm, bittersweet.


Jason L Secrest said...

I empathize. We should start a support group.

dianita said...

when you are in these moods, i wish i were in the room. just you, me, and at least 23 boxes of miscellaneous cereal. miss you.