Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why stop a good thing?

I can't stop listening to Patrick Watson. The layers of sound he gets are so clear and seemingly simple, and the effect is beautiful. I don't know why, but his music makes me feel like I'm swimming.

I can't seem to stop listening to a voice that tells me to eat dark chocolate after my morning run. Yum. Double endorphins for the day. Triple endorphins with Patrick Watson playing in the background.

I can't stop looking at Travelocity's low-fares everyday, hoping for a good deal to one of my favorite places (yes New York City, I mean you).

I can't stop spacing out and daydreaming. It must be the morning dose of chocolate.

I can't stop looking at new sketchbooks. But I still haven't broken that promise I made to myself a while back that I will fill my 3 empty sketchbooks before buying another.

I can't stop going to D.I. to look for treasures. For boxes to make dioramas in, for ancient jars to put my paintbrushes in, for cool books to gesso & use for sketchbooks (but no, I have to fill the others first...), for collage-worthy old magazines, for old picture frames to re-finish, for fun skirts and a garden gnome. I have yet to find a garden gnome. Guess I'd best not stop looking.

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