Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aaaaas Yoooou Wiiiish!

Here's a new one. It's for the play As You Like It by William Shakespeare. Whenever I hear/say/read "as you like it," an echo-y version of Wesley's voice yells "aaaas yooooou wiiiiiish!" in my head. Strange.

The director of the play is taking a different spin on Shakespeare's original. It's more of a contemporary/refugee/Russian-esch non-romanticized theme. In the play, Rosalind, the protagonist, dresses up as a man to hide her identity. I tried to convey that Rosalind has two identities in the illustration.

I used a completely different process on this piece, one inspired by my idol Sterling Hundley. First I bought plastic packing tape, put a layer down on masonite board, painted on top of it, placed another layer down, painted on top of it and continued the process until I was satisfied. Then I peeled layers of the tape off using my handy-dandy utility knife and sandpaper. Then I painted on top of the whole thing, leaving sections I liked alone and occaissionally peeling off more packing tape or adding on another piece. Talk about liberating, scary and WAY FUN.


dianita said...

leslie! i love Rosalind. i obviously love you way more, but she's beautiful and i love that you are trying out new techniques and i wish we could meet sterling...oh wait, you did once? and cried? or was that someone else? anyway...the important thing is that you are growing so much and i love seeing it!

p.s. can we plz schedule a sitting so you can use this technique for my naked body portrait? kay, perfect.

Will Strong said...

This is great. I pretty much love everything about it. Good job.

I should really try to do something experimental like this.

Bradley Deletrious Duke said...

COOL! who knew tape could become such an amazing work of art, just don't take off any of the tape.... You should do some more of this. also, plein aire paintin?

Hannah Hillam said...

I LOVE this. Whenever I walk past the poster in the HFAC I stop and admire it.