Thursday, October 29, 2009

All You Need is Love, and Art

Today was one of those days that made me love being an artist. I was painting a piece for my senior show when I suddenly got this crazy-excited feeling inside about art; about experimenting, and developing, and peddling my art skills to publishers, and new inks, and the smell of watercolors, and the blinding hue of cadmium orange, and the feeling of my quill pen on illustration board, and the sound of my palette knife against my board, and the way paint covers my hands and cements itself underneath my fingernails (which is why I painted my nails today...), and the progress I see in my work, and the possibilities I see for it to progress even more. Basically, I absolutely love being an artist.

Here are a few recent pieces. Most are from my head painting class (wait, they all are...). I'd put up some work for my BFA show, but I want that to be a surprise come December.

My friend Brandon, who entertained me for 2 hours while I drew him.

Usually I don't draw people smiling, so I gave it a try.

In-class drawing

You know a true friend when they model for you at least 5 times; Amy has surpassed that number by at least 50. What a pal. One day I'll make it up to her in Sour Patch Kids.


Ezra Lau said...

woo! cool stuff, can't wait for the bfa show. when do i get to be a model??

tappens said...

your friend brandon looks like jesus.

just sayin'

Annaliese Gabriel said...

Leslie You are so talented, girl! wow.