Sunday, March 29, 2009

Escapage from Burn-Outage

Here I am only weeks away from scholastic freedom and--bad news--I can feel myself burning out. This tends to happen from time-to-time; usually I blame late nights, mounds of projects and not enough power in caffeine. This time the main problem seems to be a lack of confidence and satisfaction in my work. That is the problem with being a perfectionist I suppose. Often I tend to be far too critical of myself and have a hard time seeing anything good in my work, which leads to a dangerous level of burn-outage called "I quit for no good reason other than this is hard and I can't do it perfectly right now." Pretty lame eh?

Lately I have felt myself reaching this stage and have, for the second time in my life, seriously considered dropping out and becoming a beach bum, or at least bumming at my parents' house and dipping my feet in the kiddie pool from time-to-time. Fortunately for both me and my parents, it didn't take long for me to scrap that idea. Instead of pooping out, I have decided the only way to fight through this pathetic burn-out stage is to do exactly what I don't want to do right now: work harder, work smarter and love every minute of it (or at least every 30 minutes or so). This means I need to spend more quality time with my art, which, whether I like it or not, I seem to have a little more time in my life to do just that. So hello to finals and peace out to burn-outage! It's time to take it like a strong woman.


Julia said...

I completely feel you. I have 5 weeks left and it's a trial to keep going. Stay strong...we'll make it together!

Ty Carter said...

I think you need to visit the YoZone...Eat all you can and never look back. Thats what I did tonight:)