Monday, November 3, 2008

Yet Another Awkward Stage of Life...

Well here I am a senior, and halfway through fall semester already. It's a rather surreal feeling. In less than a year and a half I will be graduating. The student life I have known since kindergarten will abruptly end, throwing me into the cold, heartless world with only my skills and wee portfolio as weapons. Sounds like an incredible adventure if you ask me.

In my very first class my professor told us that we would each be adapting the class assignments to fit our individual market direction. Not a bad idea eh? The only problem is that I want to do everything from books to set design to editorial to gallery work. Each market has a different feel to it, meaning that your style should as well. The trick is adapting to these markets without losing your personal identity. This leads to another problem: I haven't settled into my style niche yet. Not having found my "artistic niche" kind of makes me feel like I'm going through another awkward stage, only this time I'm 21, I have straight teeth and I can talk to boys without feeling nauseated.

That being said, here is a sampling of work from the semester thus far:

Big Bad Wolf as Grandma for my "portfolio development" class

Four hour head study

Landscape from my plein aire painting class

Two hour head study

Four hour head study

Two hour head study.

Two hour head study


Anonymous said...

I think your wolf is great. I love how the lines don't follow the color on the wolf like the registration is off. Not to mention the amazing patterns on the background. Fantastic!

Ezra said...

coooooooooooooooool! you really ARE amazing, kinda like a professional or something. It's funny cuz i feel like my style is poo, but i still get that nauseous feeling ALL THE TIME!