Saturday, December 8, 2007

Post Numero Uno

Here is my first blog post ever. I have to admit up front that I feel a little strange writing about myself and posting my artwork on this thing. Why am I even starting a blog? Well I guess it all began with a little peer pressure, curiosity and boredom. Now I'm here, and why not? It's a free spot to post my artwork and write whatever my heart desires, as well as an entertaining time waster--er--filler.
This is an old watercolor of a woman's head. I did it from a black and white photograph. It was originally part of a painting but I ended up cropping it off. Sadly the painting didn't turn out so hot, but I like how she turned out.

1 comment:

Simini said...

Yay peer pressure!! Now we just need to get to work on Madi...

Nice watercolor... That medium can do such intersting things. Looking forward to more!